Eastview Baptist Church
Sunday, May 27, 2018
...because life matters

Biblical Counseling Center

There is Hope.  We want you to know above all else, dear Christian brother or sister, there is hope for you.  Whatever situation you are faced with right now, God has a plan.  He is working in your life.  He can take everything that has happened to you and work it out for your good and for His glory.  You want to please Him, right?  And He wants to give you the joy and satisfaction you so need.  We all get in a rut sometime; but, we do not want to stay there.  We all slip into sin sometime; but we do not want to stay there.  Biblical counseling will help you develop godly habits and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, change patterns of the heart so you can live victoriously.


Everything is strictly confidential.  Files are securely filed and locked away.  There may be some instances (for instance illegal activity), where certain information cannot remain confidential, and the counselee will be notified at once in such instances.   God loves you and so do we!